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Zenithund is a manufacturer that attaches great importance to product testing and control. It has a CMM testing room, a physical and chemical laboratory, and a performance laboratory. There are 17 professional testing equipments around the rotary device. The production equipment is mainly FANUC and SIEMENS CNC. The physical and chemical rooms include: spectrometer, metallographic microscope, electronic Brinell hardness tester, broaching machine, projection analyzer, electronic universal testing machine, automatic impact testing machine, and performance laboratory: shower Rain test box, high and low temperature test box, aging test box, dustproof test box, salt spray test box, holding torque test machine, life test bench, dynamometer, air tightness detector. The company adheres to the 0.1% unqualified quality policy of 100% scrapped quality, escorting product stability.
CMM Detection chamber
Physical and chemical laboratory
  • Electronic Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Automatic impact testing machine
  • Electronic tensile testing machine
  • Electronic tensile testing machine
  • Electronic tensile testing machine
  • Projection Analyzer
Performance Lab
  • Holding torque testing machine
  • Dustproof experimental box
  • High and low temperature test box
  • Aging test box
  • Rain test box
  • Life testing machine
  • Salt spray test box
  • Air tightness detector
  • Dynamometer
Production equipment
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