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Flat single shaft SV seriesDate:2022-2-18 18:50:25    Views:0    Source:本站  Author:管理员

SV Series Overview and Applications

Specifically designed for solar trackers and applications requiring horizontal axis output, the fully enclosed vertical slewing drive of the SV series requires no additional accessories to be installed.

To keep solar panels stable in high wind environments, the SV series are high power drives that can rotate and precisely position long arrays of panels to provide better energy harvesting options.

SV Series Features:

Featuring a toroidal enveloping worm, the SV series rotary units offer reliable accuracy, as well as numerous features and advantages.

Designed for single axis solar trackers and applications requiring horizontal axis output

Using the slewing bearing principle


Self-locking gear set

Input torque, output torque and installation can be customized

Motor option

Specifications of SV series single-axis rotary device

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